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How to Fall Asleep Fast

8 Helpful Tips to Fall Asleep Right Now


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You are tossing and turning and you can't fall asleep. You are probably making the situation worse by worrying about not being able to sleep - how frustrated you are, how tired you will be the next day. What to do?

This article offers suggestions on how to get to sleep right now. If you have a few hours to prepare for sleep, read my article How to Sleep Better, and if you have frequent insomnia read How to Overcome Frequent Insomnia. If you have any symptoms of illness or if you have severe insomnia, please consult your physician. This article is not medical advice and is not intended for anyone not in good health.

Try these tips to fall asleep now...

1. Address any minor physical issues that are preventing sleep. While long-term use of over-the-counter medications is not healthy, addressing indigestion, headache, or muscle ache may help you get to sleep tonight.

2. If you have muscle aches and pains, massage the painful places - try a pain-relieving gel. Progressive muscle relaxation may also help the aches as well as relax you overall.

3. If you are feeling too hot or too cold, change your sleeping conditions. Opening a window or turning on a fan can help with ventilation as well as cooling, and the white-noise of a fan may mask disturbing noises. If your feet are cold, put on a loosely-fitting pair of socks, or bring a hot water bottle to bed.

4. Worry is usually a contributing factor in sleeplessness, and is compounded by worrying about not sleeping. Repeat positive affirmations to replace worries with positive thoughts.

5. Reduce or mask noises that may be preventing sleep. Turn off a ticking clock. Try earplugs. Use a fan to create white-noise. Turn on soft music.

6. Try a different sleeping position. For sleeping on your back or stomach, choose a thin pillow or no pillow. For side sleeping, use a medium height pillow. Sleeping on your right side is often the best choice. Resting your top leg on an extra pillow may be helpful.

7. Try counting your breaths as you breathe deeply and slowly. Counting breaths is far better than counting sheep because it is a simple form of conscious breathing, and conscious breathing is very relaxing. Also, it is non-visual, and visual images are generally stimulating, rather than relaxing.

Read my other articles on sleep, How to Sleep Better, and How to Overcome Frequent Insomnia.

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